#WifeSearch2014 was obviously not a success and so has begun #WifeSearch2015. I am currently sitting in NYC where there are a great number of potential candidates. Unfortunately, it is the last day of my stay here and I am mostly certain that I will be coming home still single.

As I have stated before, I am fine with that. I do not want you feeling bad for me or thinking that I feel bad for myself or that I am disappointed because I am twenty-four years old and still single. I am content living the single life right now. Even though I am content, I still think about it and these are just my current and updated thoughts on the whole idea of finding myself of wife, her finding me, or you finding her for me. 

Not much has changed since either of my #WifeSearch2014 posts, which can be read here and here. My friend Alethea is really convinced that I should be marrying a Duggar girl and I am definitely not opposed to this idea. I am sure that our values, beliefs, and morals would line right up with each other’s. I am not sure what kind of chances I have, though. I just now looked the family up and discovered that there is a Duggar daughter who is my age AND single! I do not know much about Jana, but she is easy on the eyes, as the Bible would say.

Lately I have been reading in Genesis. As I do this I cannot help but think about my future wife. Adam was given Eve. Cain kills Abel and then he finds himself a wife. Abraham had a wife, Sarah, and they pretended like they were siblings so that they could find favor and refuge in Egypt. Lot lost his wife because she was disobedient. Abraham, again, pretends like Sarah is his sister so that everything would be cool between him and King Abimelech.

And then there is Isaac. In Genesis 24 we read about how Isaac ends up with Rebekah. This servant of Abraham, Isaac’s father, was charged with getting a wife for Isaac. He goes to the place he was instructed to go to and there he makes a deal with the Lord. He asked for a sign, and it was by this sign that he would know the girl was the one for Isaac.

“Lord, God of my master Abraham,” he prayed, “grant me success today, and show kindness to my master Abraham. I am standing here at the spring where the daugthers of the men of the town are coming out to draw water. Let the girl to whom I say, ‘Please lower your water jug so that I may drink,’ and who responds, ‘Drink, and I’ll water your camels also’ –let her be the one You have appointed for Your servant Isaac. By this I will know that You have shown kindness to my master.” Genesis 24:12-14

And so before this dude finishes his prayer, Rebekah appears before him. Scripture tells us that she was very beautiful. She filled her jug and let the servant have a drink and then offered to get water for his camels. Just like his prayer.

This was the very specific sign that the servant just asked God to give him. It was that simple for him. I cannot help but to chuckle a little bit when I read or think about this story. I mean, it makes it seem so simple. So simple and yet I am still single.

Maybe I should try this whole asking God for signs thing out. You think so? Good because I have already tried it a couple times. I have yet to have the success that this servant had in Genesis, but I am not giving up. Not yet. I am also not trying much. I am not going to yet tell about the signs I have asked for, because I do not want a girl trying to cheat the system. I want it to be natural, not planned. So do not bother asking about what kind of sign I am looking for.

I will say that I asked for a sign and that same night I had a dream where two of my close friends were telling me that this girl, who shall remain unnamed, was not the one for me. Needless to say, I am still trying to interpret that dream. I know from reading my Bible that God speaks to people in their dreams, but I also can tell you that I have had some pretty terrible nightmares in my life and I do not think those are from Him.

I will post updates on #WifeSearch2015 as I receive them.

And one more thing before you go. Isaac did absolutely nothing to get his wife. He had a beautiful wife as a result of nothing that he did, but because of what his servant, or friend, did. So to all of my friends out there, what exactly are you doing to help me?

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