One of my earlier posts was Wife Search 2014. It was posted fairly recently, and so not much has changed.

There are currently no candidates on the radar. Several of my friends think they have a girl in mind for me. I have dismissed many of their suggestions. It was brought to my attention that I should be looking for a girlfriend, not a wife. Point is, people will always try to get you on technicalities. I am not seeking an individual that is already a wife, obviously. I am seeking an individual that could one day become my wife.

I particularly enjoyed one comment more than most of them. A friend of mine, Deborah Hardy, said that she was reading my blog and her grandson was there with her while they were discussing it. He overheard them discussing my first requirement, that she has to be pretty, to which her eight year old grandson said, “Well I think all girls are pretty.” He said this with much innocence and just as sweetly and genuinely as he possibly could have. Truth is, he is right. All girls are pretty. This eight year sounds like quite the stud. It would not surprise me if he had a wife before me…even though he is sixteen years younger than me.

Last week my good friend, Audrey McGowen, sent me this video. Please take the time to watch it. You will not regret it. As I watched it, I laughed and I cried. I only cried because I laughed so much.

The Universal Hot / Crazy Matrix

After you watch it for the first time, pull yourself together and stop laughing so that you can watch it again. This time, study it. Take notes. And just as this guy says, if there are any single women in the “Wife Zone,” please write to me.

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