This is the question I am most asked. Above all else, this is what the people want to know. From students that are active in our student ministry, all the way up to our most senior adult. They all want to know, has Tommy found a girl. There is not a thing in this world that would make my momma happier than to hear that I am interested in and pursuing a girl. Often, I think that momma may never experience this joyful moment. Only time will tell.

It was a couple of years ago that a good friend of mine started this whole wife search thing. I believe the first time I saw it was in the form of a hashtag, #wifesearch2012. It was for sure a sort of inside joke amongst friends, but there is undoubtedly a real search that goes on this very day. I guess it would be helpful to give a few things that I consider to be the essentials.

If Tommy Merritt is going to date a girl with the hopes of some day marrying her, she must be the following:

  1. Attractive.
    There, I said it. I am not looking to settle (I will discuss this idea of settling in a later post.) That means the girl cannot have kankles. When someone sees me with a girl, I want the question in their minds to be, “How did that happen?” or “How did he get her!?” That is what I am going for.
  2. A Follower of Christ.
    She could be Jennifer Aniston, but if she is not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, it will not work. I want someone that will challenge me in my walk, because she too is walking with God. If my relationship cannot glorify God and be used to further the Kingdom, all is in vain.
  3. Equally Yoked. 
    Many hear this term and assume that you are referring to a person’s religious beliefs, but I am going to take it a couple of steps beyond that. We must be similar politically. My 10th grade Sunday School teacher once stopped in the middle of his lesson because he was laughing. He then proceeded to tell me how funny he thought it would be if the girl God had in mind for me was a Democrat. I cannot marry someone who is registered and batting for the other team. Sorry to all of the liberal ladies out there…but do not worry! I have a friend and he would love to meet you. His name is Daniel. I am not saying she has to be an ultraconservative GOP faithful like myself, but it sure would not hurt.

The following are a list of preferences, meaning there is room for compromise. Not a lot, but a little. Obviously some of these are long-term preferences, but preferences nonetheless.

  • Brunettes > blondes. (this one is complete negotiable, as seen below)
  • She has to love Oklahoma, because I have no desire to leave.
  • She needs to be caring and kind not only to me, but to others.
  • Indeed, modest is hottest.
  • No abnormal body piercings, especially the nose thing.
  • She absolutely has to be proud to be an American.
  • She needs to be able to tolerate gospel music.
  • Definitely no smoking or cursing.
  • Really would be a plus if she abstained from marking all over her temple.
  • She kinda has to be able to cook, especially chicken. I will do all of the baking.
  • A sense of humor is a necessity.
  • She should be fluent in sarcasm.
  • I will clean the home if she agrees to clean the bathrooms.
  • She needs to fold the laundry. I will gladly wash and iron.

To be fair, I will acknowledge that I am no Matt Cobb or Brad Pitt. I know that I am only 24 years of age and my hair is already falling out. I know this. However, that does not mean that I do not have standards. The next time you have the urge to set your friend Tommy up with some girl that you know, please keep this in mind. If I had no standards, I would not need anyone’s help. But the reality is that I do have a few. I  have debated now for a couple of days whether or not to make my life philosophy known on social media, and I believe I will save that revelation for some other time. Until then, be on the lookout for any single woman who resembles some of my previous candidates for Woman Crush Wednesday. To prove to the world that I do not abhor gingers, I have included one below.

The last two deserve pictures all by themselves.

Kari Jobe. She is pretty great. Her parents are former Southern Baptist ministers, so that is definitely a plus. I once heard her in concert, and it only solidified my love for her. One time, she sent me a video telling me that I rock. No joke, check it out here. Although she has already passed the age of 30, I would gladly overlook the difference in age. It is only 9 years…

And last, but most certainly not least, Jennifer Aniston. She will always be my number one. Always. She is flawless. There is 21 years between the two of us and she is older than my mother, but I shall not complain.


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