As of June 8, 2014, I have been on this green earth for twenty-four years. What a joyful blessing! My first blog post will be dedicated to my birthday thoughts.

People come and people go. Like it or not, that is the world we live in. I used to hate it when I would lose a friend. Now please don’t misunderstand me…I do not get some sort of joy when I lose a friend, but I have arrived at a point where I understand that it is going to happen. Some friends become jerks and they exit your life without telling you. Examples of these kinds of friends are those who move away for college and you never hear from them again. There are unpleasant times in life where we must rid our lives of certain people. On the flip side, there are some people that we can never get rid of, regardless of how hard we try. They just stick around, like some sort of parasite. I guess you could say that I kinda like parasites if that is really the case.

Regardless, God gives to us people who bless us, encourage us, challenge us, rebuke us, and the list goes on. I deserve none of the people who are in my life. But by the grace of God, I have what I do not deserve. For this I am thankful.

Let me wrap up with talking a little bit about a pretty big change that occurred in my life this past year. I spent seven years working in a bakery. It was the only job that I have ever had. When I turned sixteen my mother made me get a job, and so it all began. I absolutely loved, and still love, baking. I enjoyed going to work every day and making donuts, baking breads, eating cookies, and decorating cakes. I would have been content with waking up every day at 6 o’clock and baking for eight hours. I would have been happy doing that the rest of my life. But, such is not my calling. The Lord opened up a door, I peeked in, liked what I saw, and got a job that would enable me to walk with and serve people who I already had a deep love for.

On August 19, 2013 I began serving on staff at Southern Hills (SHBC) as the Assistant to Senior Adult Ministries. What has followed since then is basically pure joy! I love the people in the office, I love my Pastor, I love my boss, and I especially love the old people who I get to live life with. There are two cool things about my job that I would like to point out.

  • First, I get paid to serve and minister to the people that I love and adore most! That is correct. I get paid to do this. And it is absolutely wonderful.
  • Secondly, I get to serve under a man full of knowledge. My boss is our Minister to Senior Adults. David is a wonderful example to me of what it means to genuinely love and serve the people within your ministry. He makes me think on things that I would otherwise not give second thought to. He allows me to do things with him and then points out small things that make all the difference to the people we get to love on.

Love people and never allow them to think that you do not have time for them. When someone leaves from having talked with me, I do not want them to feel as if I tried to hurry them or get rid of them. I want to have a genuine interest in the people God places in my life. I want them to know that they are loved by me, and even more so, I want them to know that they are loved by the King! We all have souls, even gingers, in need of forgiveness.

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